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A Swissair airplane painted over a group of red Swiss Army knives on plywood by Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs

SA111, 2018
Swiss Army Knives, plywood, paint
16h x 23 1/4w x 2 3/4d in

© Tom Sachs Image Credit Genevieve Hanson Image Courtesy Tom Sachs Studio and Vito Schnabel Gallery

One of the critically acclaimed contemporary artists best known for his diverse, yet the cohesive artistic practice is an American artist Tom Sachs. For the last three decades, he has been producing hybrid works somewhere in between readymade, sculpture in extended field and installation. As a matter of fact, Sachs managed to construct a specific aesthetic in which brand icons, symbols of Modernist utopianism, and commodities of capitalist culture become one. By exposing their making process, Sachs questions the notions of authenticity and ephemera in order to reveal the perfidy of the capitalist market.

His latest project called The Pack will be presented for the first time at Vito Schnabel Gallery and will include new and recent sculptures based on the artist’s longstanding fascination with the nation of Switzerland.

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