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Black houses within a transparent castle with imagery of skulls and figures and a weighing scale overhead amid a yellow backdrop by Lance de Los Reyes

Lance De Los Reyes

Lodge for Learning, 2014

76 x 95 3/4 inches (193.04 x 243.21 cm)

© Estate of Lance De Los Reyes; Courtesy the Estate and Vito Schnabel Gallery; Photo by Argenis Apolinario

Last year, graffiti world lost one of its leading representatives, Lance De Los Reyes, known as Rambo. Being an artist with a complex personality and artistic vision, he explored the mysteries of life through his art, creating works full of symbolism, imbued with layers of meaning. 

To celebrate his life and work, the family of the artist, together with the Vito Schnabel Gallery in New York, is organizing an exhibition that focuses on the paintings he produced in the last years of his life. Titled 1-20-22, which is also the artist's date of birth, the exhibition will showcase the pieces through which Reyes tried to capture the forces of nature that shape our everyday life. 

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