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Mixed media on raw canvas painting of an abstract depiction of the explosion of a star, otherwise known as a Supernova

Mariana Oushiro

Supernova, 2021

Charcoal, dry pigments, and oil stick on raw cotton

132 x 216 inches (335.3 x 548.6 cm)

© Mariana Oushiro; Photo by Argenis Apolinario; Courtesy the artist and Vito Schnabel Gallery

What you read is a dying star, what I see is the tension of the bulge.

Maybe Mariana Oushiro deliberately named her solo exhibition after “Supernova”[1]. With a pun intended, the Brazilian artist makes her New York debut, expressing her inner strong emotions with unbridled graphic tension, as death is a terrifying end and the most dazzling moment of eternity.