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“God With Revolver,” Rene Ricard’s Book, Launch At Mast Books, New York City

God with Revolver
Rene Ricard

Published by Editions Lutanie

“God with Revolver,” is a poetry book by Rene Ricard translated by Manon Lutanie and Rachel Valinsky

Growing up in a troubled environment, Ricard packed his bags for New york when he was eighteen, and never left. There, he wrote two major collections of poetry, acted in several films –he was a close collaborator of Andy Warhol– and wrote essays, some of which were pivotal in the launch of the careers of artists such as Julian Schnabel and Jean-Michel Basquiat. This collection of poems, originally published in 1989, centers around the dramatic experience of heartbreak, described with the raw honesty and humor characteristic of Ricard.

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