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Switzerland by Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs

Switzerland, 2018
Plywood, synthetic polymer paint, steel hardware
36h x 48w x 4d in

© Tom Sachs Image Credit Genevieve Hanson Image Courtesy Tom Sachs Studio and Vito Schnabel Gallery

The US artist Tom Sachs is obsessed with Switzerland. Now he showcases new works in St. Moritz

Is Tom Sachs obsessed with Switzerland? Already back in the ‘90s the American artist, now 52, provoked with his ‘Nuke the Swiss’ stickers. During Frieze Art Fair last autumn, he was handing out fake Swiss passports. The queue to get to his ‘Swiss Passport Office’ at Galerie Ropac was long and of prominently populated. And most recently he has opened an exhibition dedicated to Switzerland at his friend Vito Schnabel’s gallery in St. Moritz. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a monstrous Heidi with boobs the shape of Star Wars’ Death Stars and a vulva dispensing white coffee.