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Group Show

A Selection of Works from the 1980s

Vito Schnabel Gallery - St. Moritz

JUL 8 - SEP 4, 2016

Laurie Anderson, Drum Dance from Home of the Brave
Laurie Anderson
Drum Dance from Home of the Brave
Digital video projection on continuous loop
53 seconds
© Laurie Anderson
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Mixed media on canvas
20 1/10 x 16 7/48 inches (51.05 x 41.02 cm)

© 2016 Pro Litteris, Zurich

Sherrie Levine, Untitled (Double Lead Checks: 4)
Sherrie Levine
Untitled (Double Lead Checks: 4)
Casein on lead mounted on panel
40 x 20 inches (101.6 x 50.8 cm)
© Sherrie Levine
Keith Haring, Subway Drawing
Keith Haring
Subway Drawing
White chalk on attached sheets of black paper laid down on paper laid down on canvas
80 1/2 x 41 1/2 inches (204.47 x 105.41 cm)
George Condo, Homage to Manet
George Condo
Homage to Manet
Oil on canvas
76 3/4 x 38 x 1 inches  (194.95 x 96.52 x 2.54 cm)
© George Condo
Francesco Clemente, Oblation
Francesco Clemente
Oil on canvas
74 1/48 x 20 1/12 inches (188.01 x 51 cm)

© 2016 Francesco Clemente

Jean-Michel Basquiat
Feng Yao
Oil crayon and collage on canvas
62 7/8 x 59 1/10 inches (159.72 x 150.11 cm)

© 2016 Pro Litteris, Zurich

Rene Ricard, Poison
Rene Ricard
Print on paper
Unframed: 40 x 32 inches (101.6 x 81.28 cm); Framed 45 x 37 inches (114.3 x 93.98 cm)
© The Estate of Rene Ricard
Rene Ricard, Central Park West
Rene Ricard
Central Park West
Paint and chalk on black paper
27 x 33 inches (68.58 x 83.82 cm)
‚Äč© The Estate of Rene Ricard
David Salle, Baby Madhouse
David Salle
Baby Madhouse
Acrylic on canvas in two parts
72 1/24 x 96 41/48 inches (182.98 x 246 cm)

© 2016 Pro Litteris, Zurich

Kenny Scharf, Rosso Ruska Rougette
Kenny Scharf
Rosso Ruska Rougette
Oil and acrylic on canvas
96 x 108 inches (243.84 x 274.32 cm)
© Kenny Scharf
Julian Schnabel, Abstract Painting on Blue Velvet
Julian Schnabel
Abstract Painting on Blue Velvet
Velvet on velvet with welded steel frame
Unframed: 83 x 89 x 3 inches (210.82 x 226.06 cm) Framed: 84 x 90 x 3 inches (213.36 x 228.6 x 7.62 cm)
© Julian Schnabel
Andy Warhol Reflected (purple, red, green and yellow on black)

Andy Warhol
Reflected (purple, red, green and yellow on black)
Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas
90 1/6 x 70 1/10 inches (229.03 x 178.05 cm)

© 2016 the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Inc., New York / Pro Litteris, Zurich

Press Release


(St. Moritz, Switzerland)—This July, Vito Schnabel Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of work by artists active during the 1980s, including Laurie Anderson, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francesco Clemente, George Condo, Keith Haring, Sherrie Levine, McDermott & McGough, Rene Ricard, David Salle, Kenny Scharf, Julian Schnabel, and Andy Warhol. 

The signature feature of ‘80s painting and sculpture was a return to more figurative motifs. Expressive, gestural works are a hallmark of the period, intersecting at their extreme end with street graffiti art. These artists, known loosely as the Neo-Expressionist movement, drew upon a variety of themes, with their work characterized by bold color, aggressive brushstrokes, and, very often, a radical or at least populist political slant.

Artists working at the time evolved from the styles of their predecessors, while experimenting with new techniques and crafting their own—from Jean-Michel Basquiat’s use of mixed media to Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf’s cartoonish figures. Both Rene Ricard and Basquiat found ways to integrate text into their work, using elements of appropriation. George Condo’s Homage to Manet, 1985, emerges from the tradition of 19th century painting, while David Salle’s Baby Madhouse, 1980, juxtaposes the figurative with abstraction. Also part of the exhibition will be Laurie Anderson’s video work Drum Dance from Home of the Brave, 1986, which will be projected on continuous loop, adding a performative element. The exhibition explores the ways in which artists responded to the zeitgeist of the ‘80s and reacted to the cultural climate of the time.