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Two Geniuses

Julian Schnabel
Untitled, 2016
Inkjet print and oil on polyester
144 x 156 inches
365.8 x 396.2 cm

He wanted to show what it means to be an artist, Julian Schnabel, the allrounder states about his Van Gogh movie At Eternity’s Gate. Did he manage to do so? A visit at the set

It was actually clear that this wouldn’t be a normal visit here in Arles, where the shooting of At Eternity’s Gate is taking place. Rather an adventurous one, just like the director in place: Julian Schnabel. A man who preferably wears silk pajamas and became a superstar of the art world by creating legendary works out of broken plates, a man who lives in a former perfume factory in West Village, which he had rebuilt into a pink-colored ten-floor Venetian palazzo and who’s megalomania and impressiveness are expressed through his XXL-paintings which he paints on curtains and twelve meter canvases and which sell for millions at auction. A now 67-year-old multitalented man who decided to turn to directing in the 90s and created visual masterpieces, like his 2007 movie The Diving Bell and the Butterfly about a man who after an accident is only capable of moving one eyelid and like this tells the story of his life.