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Painting by Jordan Kerwick

Jordan Kerwick

Apex & Friends, 2021

Oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas

35 3/8 x 27 1/2 inches (90 x 70 cm)

© Jordan Kerwick; Photo provided by the studio

With no website, only artist Jordan Kerwick’s Instagram is available to scroll through his multi-layered paintings, full to the brim with texture. 

On speaking Jordan it turns out he only began painting a year ago: “I started painting in February 2016 after thinking (ridiculously) that it couldn’t be too hard”, the artist tells It’s Nice That. “I was badly mistaken. It has been a short but fun (and head-fucking) journey that hopefully will continue for years to come.” Despite this initial difficulty with painting, the artist displays a natural talent, and Jordan’s colour choices convey his courage as a painter. His palette is muted in areas, dark greens, a rich red or tawny mixes of yellow and brown, each intermixed with organic style. 

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