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Composer Tatiana Lisovskaia in a Red Dress with white Polka dots, oil and resin on canvas

Julian Schnabel
Composer Tatiana Lisovskaia in a Red Dress, 2016
Oil, gesso, and resin on canvas
106h x 83w x 2 1/2d in
269.24h x 210.82w x 6.35d cm

Protean creator, painter, sculptor and filmmaker, Julian Schnabel, believes that art is optimistic and acts as a beacon in dark times.


Julian Schnabel (New York, 1951) wears his bright yellow glasses. He wears one of his black waterproof jackets from The Blind Surf Club, the sports club he founded more than fifty years ago and whose motto is Groucho Marx’s maxim: “I would never belong to a club that would admit someone like me as a member”. Behind his back he carries one of his Big Girl Paintings, those large-scale serial paintings that always depict the same pretty blonde girl with her eyes veiled by a brushstroke. 

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