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Mixed media on cardboard painting by Spencer Lewis

Spencer Lewis

Untitled Blue Cage, 2015-2016
Mixed media on cardboard
96 x 48 inches (243.8 x 121.9 cm)

© Spencer Lewis; Photo by Ruben Diaz; Courtesy the artist and Vito Schnabel Gallery

The inaugural Exhibit, Mind Body Soul, was the talk of the town at the Lowell Ryan Projects back in January. The show is an masterpiece of masterpieces from the visions of artists Spencer Lewis, Samuel Jablon and Maysha Mohamedi. We got a few words in with these creative contributors to get a better feel for the inspirations and implications of their work. 

Spencer Lewis

There seems to be an element of fate in your process, the way you let the elements deteriorate and morph into something new. Was this intentional from the beginning, or was this too a decision left in the hands of fate? 

I guess you could say I’m interested in chance but truthfully I’m interested in errors. The notion that fate could determine my decision making is interesting, I’m not sure I can prove otherwise and I like the idea that I would have no power over how I decide to decide.