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Portrait of Lola Montes in red dress

Installation view, Lola Montes: Cirica, Vito Schnabel Gallery, 2023; Artworks © Lola Montes; Photo by Argenis Apolinario; Courtesy the artist and Vito Schnabel Gallery

New York - Kindness. It’s the Southern word carried by the wind to the West Village. The word that saves a child, an artfully struck gong, the latest incarnation of dressed cashmere. Kindness is how our day begins and ends, climb onto Lola Montes’ mermaid waves and the laces of her shaman boots. From Cirica’s ‘montage of attractions’ - the Lola Montes exhibition until January 20th at the Vito Schnabel Gallery which has ceramics as a leitmotif for painting and sculptural works, accompanied by artichoke-candlesticks inspired by the Torcello castraura - to an unexpected visit to the father Julian’s house, Palazzo Chupi, in which “Venice meets Leland” and three enormous luggages of an ethereal femme fatale, just unpacked, stand out under the plates, oil and bondo on wood of The Patients and the Doctors (1978).

This excerpt has been translated from Italian.