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Watercolor on linen painting by Gus Van Sant

Gus Van Sant

Untitled (Hollywood 14), 2019
Watercolor on linen

84 x 62 1/2 inches (213.4 x 158.7 cm)

© Gus Van Sant Photo by Argenis Apolinario Courtesy the artist and Vito Schnabel Gallery

Gus Van Sant’s new painting exhibition conjures a scrambled, abstracted storyboard translated onto large-scale, linen canvases. In eight new watercolors, all around 7-by-5 feet, Van Sant creates sympathetic protagonists: nude, larger-than-life men wandering alone through the Los Angeles landscape. They sit on and stomp over cars, at odds with the sprawling, automobile-littered metropolis. The pictures, on view at Vito Schnabel Projects through November 1st, resemble classic films, in which a giant figure towers over a city—Godzilla, for example, or King Kong—though the painter has moved the action westward.

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