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Mixed media on chalkboard by The Bruce High Quality Foundation

The Bruce High Quality Foundation

Public Education (God Bless You, Daddy), 2011
Chalkboard, mixed media

48h x 96w x 3d in

© The Bruce High Quality Foundation Photo by Oto Gillen


“It’s sort of guerilla warfare,” said Vito Schnabel, the curator and art dealer.

He was talking about the methods of the anonymous art collective he collaborates with, the Bruce High Quality Foundation, but he could have been describing his own way of organizing exhibitions. Mr. Schnabel—who also works with the artists Dan Colen and Terence Koh, among others—does not have a permanent gallery space. He prefers a nomadic approach. He met the members of Bruce High Quality when he was 17, about a year after putting together his first show, when he was still a junior in high school. He’s 25 now.

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