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Julian Schnabel’s New Plate Special

Julian Schnabel

Rose Painting (Near Van Gogh's Grave) X, 2016
Oil, plates, and bondo on wood
96h x 120w x 8 3/4d in
© Julian Schnabel Studio/Gary Mamay/Courtesy of Pace Gallery

A few weeks back, Julian Schnabel caressed my ear, which is why I’m writing this piece, which partly is about meeting him and not being sure what there might be to write. I don’t know Julian Schnabel, though I know a bit about him, things like how his first wife said his son, Vito, was named after the Godfather, a movie he admired, and how Peter Schjeldahl once wrote that he “would be the Francis Ford Coppola of art if one could picture Coppola with all the studio heads, distributors, and other moguls on his side. He is in a state of total success …”, and how he himself once said he was “as close to Picasso as you’re going to get in this fucking life.” What else then could possibly be necessary or useful to say?

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