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Tina in a Matador Hat, 1987 by Julian Schnabel

Julian Schnabel

Tina in a Matador Hat, 1987
Oil, plates, bondo on wood
72h x 60w in (182.88h x 152.40w cm)

© Julian Schnabel Studio; Photo by Phillips/Schwab

PARIS — A game of brinkmanship began when the Musée d’Orsay here invited Julian Schnabel to choose paintings from its 19th-century collection to exhibit alongside his own works of art. 

“At a certain moment the museum said: ‘You can’t have this or that painting,’ so I said ‘I can’t do it,’ ” Mr. Schnabel said in a recent interview at the museum. “I thought, if I can’t pick the paintings, there’s no reason for me to say that I picked the paintings.” 

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