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Image of an eye by Urs Fischer

Urs Fischer

Strontium, 2015
Aluminum panel, aramid honeycomb, two-component polyurethane adhesive, two-component epoxy primer, galvanized steel rivet nuts, acrylic primer, gesso, acrylic ink, acrylic silkscreen medium, acrylic paint
80h x 60w x 7/8d in

​© Urs Fischer; Photo by Mats Nordman; Courtesy of the artist and Vito Schnabel Gallery

The son of artist Julian Schnabel is a successful art dealer and gallerist in St. Moritz and New York. 

BaZ: You were already interested in art and put on exhibitions from an early age. How did it all begin?
Vito Schnabel: My sister Lola is an artist. She makes music videos and she paints, she’s very talented. Through her and her friends I became more interested in art, which fascinated me, and I decided to organize an exhibition called “Incubator”. I found a space and showed artists like Luigi Ontani, Jorge Galindo, or Vahakn Arslanian, and of course my sister.