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Blue cast epoxy with formed acrylic elements by Helen Pashgian

Helen Pashgian
Untitled, 2018
Cast epoxy with formed acrylic elements
6 inches in diameter

© Helen Pashgian Photo by Joshua White

Seoul, Korea
Lehmann Maupin
November 14, 2019 – February 8, 2020

Helen Pashgian is a pioneering member of the Light & Space group of artists, exploring since the early ’60s the ways in which light is transmitted and transmuted through such materials as polyester resin, epoxy, acrylic, and other plastics that became available once declassified after World War II. Her work was featured in the Getty’s comprehensive exploration of West Coast artists, entitled Pacific Standard Time, where it was shown in California as well as Germany alongside that of her contemporaries such as Larry Bell, James Turrell, Mary Corse, Ron Cooper, Laddie John Dill, Peter Alexander, DeWain Valentine, and others.

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