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Bob Colacello, Andy at the Hotel Bristol, Bonn, 1976.

Bob Colacello

Andy at the Hotel Bristol, Bonn, 1976

Vintage gelatin silver

8 x 10 inches

© Bob Colacello. Courtesy the artist and Vito Schnabel Gallery

In November of 1969, still recovering from the near-fatal gunshot wounds inflicted by Valerie Solanas, Andy Warhol launched Interview magazine. Its initial mission as “A Monthly Film Journal,” however short-lived, would prove fortuitous for Bob Colacello, a young, Columbia University student who’d started writing for the Village Voice. Colacello’s ardent review of the Warhol-produced, Paul Morrissey-directed film, Trash (1970), caught the Pop Master’s attention, and within six months Colacello became Interview’s managing editor. From 1971–83, he was Warhol’s righthand man, helping steer the magazine through the hedonistic Me Decade when cocaine, disco, and flashy fashion reigned. By 1976, he’d begun “OUT,” a mock society column that coupled in-the-moment recaps with photos taken mostly on the sly.

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