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Pigment on linen painting of skulls underneath colored pillars by Francesco Clemente

Francesco Clemente
Gandhara Dream, 2012
Pigment on Linen
91 x 112 inches (231.1 x 284.5 cm)
© Francesco Clemente; Photo by Elon Schoenholz; Courtesy the artist and Vito Schnabel Gallery

Francesco Clemente’s anthological survey show, Twenty Years of Painting: 2001 – 2021, cogitates on a shifting understanding of the world and human consciousness. Presented as Vito Schnabel Gallery’s first exhibition at its Old Santa Monica Post Office location, Clemente’s work grapples with his own mortality through a deep contemplation of physical existence. Encompassing portraiture, symbolic, landscape and figurative motifs, he ruminates on the ephemerality of life by addressing the incorruptibility of time’s momentary truth.