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Large foil paint and resin portrait of David Brown on abstract background

Julian Schnabel
Portrait of David Brown, 2000
Foil paint and resin on canvas
90 x 84 in
228.60 x 213.36 cm

Curated by Fernando Francés and Cy Schnabel, it brings together large format paintings by the American artist and filmmaker.


American artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel offers an explosion of expressiveness in the exhibition that opens this Friday at the Contemporary Art Center (CAC) in Málaga, in which he also shows his frequent inspiration from the Spanish artistic tradition.


The exhibition, entitled Schnabel and Spain: Anything Can Be a Model for a Painting, can be seen until June 12. There are 23 large-format paintings created since 1997, “a good point of origin because it is just when he is living in Spain and is very inspired by the portrait genre, which has a great tradition in the history of Spanish art,” explained Cy Schnabel, the artist’s son and curator of the exhibition along with Fernando Francés.

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