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Ariana Papademetropoulos; A Mon Seul Désir

© Ariana Papademetropoulos

To celebrate its 230th anniversary, the Louvre welcomes 20 contemporary artists, each with a strong connection to the city of Paris. Louvre Looks, involves people under 40, giving them the opportunity to shoot a short video inside the museum, capturing the spectacular works to create extraordinary scenes with an almost surreal feel. Young artists from the worlds of painting, film, fashion or music have already made their mark in their fields, establishing themselves as protagonists of contemporary creativity. Along the process, they have made the museum their muse, showing in the video the Louvre’s collections to which they feel particularly attached through an entirely personal vision and interpretation. In three and a half minutes each of them experimented with different working methods, trying their hand with film crews or their personal cell phones, some during visiting hours during the day and others at night surrounded only by the works, using digital resources or focusing on their personal connection to their surroundings.

Ariana Papademetropoulos, through the conception of the video for Louvre Looks decides to dream and accomplish something she could never have done if not through this project. The artist perceives the experience at the Louvre as a journey of the mind through surreal and wonderful reigns, comparing it to dreaming: when we sleep is the only time in which we can freely fantasize letting ourselves be transported to other dimensions. Ariana in “A Mon Seul Désir”, the title of the video, floats on a bed through many masterpieces that come to life and join her on the incredible journey, some physically and some spiritually. From the very first scene we see her lying under the blankets as she wakes up in the Louvre’s largest room, the Salle des États, with the Mona Lisa behind her. Her awakening is caused by the noise of her doppelganger ruining a painting in the room. The bed immediately comes to life and starts to move: during the journey the artist encounters several characters, including Venus, played by Harris Reed, who shows her the correct way, Saint Sebastian, and King Francis I of France, portrayed by Sebastian Tellier, who nearly joins Ariana in the bed. The latter at the end of the video moves according to his will and transports her to her final destination: the cave of a mythological Greek painting by Bartolomeo di Giovanni.