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Oil on velvet portrait of Andy Warhol by Julian Schnabel

Julian Schnabel
Portrait Of Andy Warhol, 1982
Oil on velvet
107 3/4h x 120 1/8w in
273.69h x 305.12w cm

All About Portrait of Andy Warhol

The friendship between Warhol and Schnabel resulted in a creative exchange of ideas and materials. Julian Schnabel was created by Warhol in 1982, the same year Schnabel painted Portrait of Andy Warhol (1982). The majority of Schnabel's portraits were painted directly from life, with no prior sketches.

Schnabel had Warhol sit for him several times before he finished the painting. A fragile and thin Warhol is depicted by Schnabel, who portrays him as a ghost-like figure who appears to dissipate in front of the viewer. In this painting, Warhol is shown without a shirt but donning a pink-painted waistcoat as a form of support.

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